Easy Guide To Using Parental Web Monitoring Software

Easy Guide To Using Parental Web Monitoring Software

It isn’t easy managing what your kids do when you’re not there. So tough in fact that most parents consider using parental monitoring software for iPhone and Android. Talking to them about how to conduct themselves while they are on the internet and how much time they should spend on their devices lays the groundwork. Parents always want to keep their kids’ experiences when using the internet and phone productive, fun, and above all, safe. But kids may resent the fact that they are being monitored. So, when you need to use monitoring apps, you need to let your kids know that their activities will be observed and the terms and limitations of the monitoring. Be open and honest about everything and don’t let it turn into a covert operation.

How To Choose Which Monitoring App To Use

Basing your decision on which parental monitoring app to use based on your family’s needs is recommended starting point. For some families, a simple browser-based app that can filter age-inappropriate content is enough. For others, they and their kids seem OK with just occasional, random phone spot-checks. Still, others want more features for a deeper level of monitoring, for some reason or another. Below, we will go a little deeper on some of the questions that are asked by many parents when they are searching for monitoring apps on the web.

What Are The Main Features of Monitoring Apps?

Monitoring apps have different features depending on the software involved. There are apps that may offer some features included in this list. Some have all of the features on this list, such as Auto Forward. With that said, you should go for the best parental monitoring software available. Here are some of the features that you need to look for in an app.

  • Data Notifications: It should be able to monitor the kids’ activities while they are on the phone and on the internet. There are a lot of dangers kids will encounter while they are on the internet and often spill out when they take to their phone. These dangers are things that kids are often not prepared to handle, like cyberbullies, stalkers and the ever-nefarious predators. These can definitely have a great impact on the lives of kids, particularly teens and pre-teens. So, in order to protect the kids from these dangers, the most effective way is to have an advance warning, through data notifications, of what’s happening with your kids so you can devise a response sooner.
  • Website Blocking and Content Filter: Children are sponges when it comes to information and they see any kind of content as acceptable, even the inappropriate ones. Filtering content is the best way to keep your child away from videos and photos that are not age-appropriate and may even be considered harmful. And, of course, there are websites that no kid should ever get a glimpse of. Cell phone monitoring apps that are able to block these websites and others of the same type are extremely valuable for parents to protect their children from pornographic or violent content.
  • Screen-Time Management: Studies have suggested that more than 80% of teens and about 70% of pre-teens don’t get their recommended 8.5 hours to 9.5 hours of sleep per day due to mobile phone use. These teens text or surf the web way into the night and even into the early morning. The result is that they are far too tired the next morning to be active and effective in class. Research also suggests that if this keeps up, the part of their brain responsible for cognition and memory is going to be affected by sleep deprivation, resulting in premature aging. Imagine something that happens only in middle aged people occurring on a person a third their age.
  • App Blocking: Children are expected to do well in school, or at least pass every subject taken. But most of the time, kids spend more time on their phones after class than in any other activity, often using social media apps and playing games. Before the advent of monitoring software, the only thing parents could do about it was checking every so often in the child’s room to see what apps they were using. But when you use monitoring apps like Auto Forward, you will be able to block certain apps from running at specific times. This means your child will not be able to use apps like online games, social media apps, and audio and video streaming apps at the times specified on the settings. The child can become more focused on more productive tasks like schoolwork and chores during the time their favorite apps are not running.
  • GPS location tracking: One of the best features a monitoring app can have is the ability to track the whereabouts of the target device. This means that wherever the target device is, there is a very big likelihood that your child is there as well. Using the geolocation feature, you know your child’s location at all times. So, if they’re someone they shouldn’t be, you’ll know. This could keep them away from hanging out with bad crowds and protect them from predators that are always lurking around. 

The main thing that you need to remember about using parental monitoring software is that your kid should be aware that you are going to be monitoring their device. They may not like it, so have a talk with them about the benefits that both of you, as parent and child, could get out of using monitoring software. Ultimately, it is about building trust nothing builds trust better than being open and honest with each other.

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