Features That Make The Best Parental Monitoring Software

Features That Make The Best Parental Monitoring Software

Over the years, the internet has developed into a dangerous place where your kids can unsuspectingly get targeted by online criminals. What makes it worse is that predators with despicable intent are starting to inhabit websites that were formerly considered as “safe for kids”. No wonder parents are constantly getting headaches worrying about their child’s online safety. 

Why Do Parents Need Monitoring Software, Anyway?

Believe it or not, most parents don’t go out of their way to invade their children’s privacy. After all, they were once kids themselves, and they know how it feels when you have a parent hovering over you. But if you are a parent, what can you do to protect your kids from adult content, risky sites, and online predators?

We can point to these as the main reasons for the invention and progressive development of parental monitoring software. More than ever, parents are faced with a bigger, more problematic task of screening the websites their children are visiting, as well as monitoring how much time is being spent online. Parental monitoring software allows them to accomplish this, and with today’s technology, it’s getting easier.

With that said, not all monitoring software programs are made equal. If you are in need of one yourself, it’s better to be more knowledgeable about what features make the best parental monitoring software.

Parental Monitoring Software Overview

Parental monitoring software is designed to enable parents monitor what their kids are doing online and on their devices. Used properly, it can be a most effective tool to protect your kids from risky websites and predatory behavior. These software programs are typically available in different versions made for different devices. In the case of mobile phones, you can purchase either a version for Android phones or iPhones.

The Most Important Features You Need:

  • Allows you access to text messages and even iMessages – You should be able to read exact copies of every SMS message that was sent or received by the device, even iMessages on an iPhone. A bonus feature would be one that also allows you to read these messages even if they’ve been deleted.
  • Allows you to get information about phone calls – There should be a call logging feature allowing you to know about every incoming and outgoing call from the target phone. The information should include the phone numbers involved, as well as the date, time, and duration of the call.
  • Allows you to view social media posts – High quality parental monitoring software should allow you to see all posts that were posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).
  • Allows you to see the browsing history – A feature that allows parents to see which websites their kids are visiting and how often should be on all parental monitoring software. This is actually one of the top features that parents look for. As a parent, you should know the URL of the websites, how often your kids go there, and even have a snapshot of the visit.
  • Allows you to view photos and videos – This is another great and highly important feature that a parental monitoring software should have. The capability to view each and every photo and video taken and received by the device is a godsend for worried parents.
  • Allows you to read emails – You should also be able to read every email sent or received by the device. Considering that not every malicious content is sent or received via text messaging, being able to read emails on the target device will be extremely valuable.

These are the most important features that quality parental monitoring software should have, at the very least. However, there are also apps that can provide more features such as the GPS location of the device, the ability to lock the phone remotely, the ability to take pictures remotely, and the ability to block the installation of specific apps on the target device.

Finding A Healthy Balance

Parents have to carefully consider the amount of control they exert over the online activities of their children. A good parent always takes into account the privacy of their child and their right to be able to access the internet. However, there has to be a balance between unhindered access to any and all websites, and exerting unreasonable, restrictive control over your kids’ online activities.

One of the best steps to take to achieve this goal is educating your children about the proper use of the internet. This includes all activities online, such as instant messaging, posting on social media, sending and receiving emails, and recognizing which websites are appropriate and which ones should not be visited. Recognizing when someone they’re communicating with online is displaying predatory behavior should also be a priority, as well as knowing when and how to reject inappropriate advances.

Parents should start teaching these things to their kids at a young age, since more and more children are going online than ever before. It’s not just criminals, though. Kids and teenagers are being targeted more than ever by online marketing schemes. The content on these websites may be safe for children, but they are still designed to encourage kids to spend as much time online as possible.

Not To Be Used For Illegal Purposes

We should reiterate that parental monitoring software, when used properly as it was intended, can be a valuable tool for parents to let them know if their kids are safe when online or using their phone. High quality cell phone monitoring software like Auto Forward has a lot of useful features specifically designed to help parents monitor their children’s activities.

However, those with bad intentions can still use software like these for their own illegitimate purposes. The company behind Auto Forward does not encourage the use of their monitoring software for purposes that are considered illegal or immoral.

If you’re a parent and you need the best cell phone monitoring app for your kid’s iPhone or Android phone, take a look at Auto Forward to see how it can help you make your child safer.