Getting Started With Your Parental Smartphone Monitoring Software

Getting Started With Your Parental Smartphone Monitoring Software

Living in today’s technology-filled world can be a blessing, curse, or both (depending on how you look at things). For parents who think the internet and technology is a curse, they are looking to use parental internet monitoring software. As the biggest depot of information in the world, the internet can be useful for users or it can cause harm if not used properly. 

With all the benefits and disadvantages of using the internet, you may never know when trouble comes knocking and you fear that your kids are going to take the brunt of it. The internet is rife with cyberbullies, stalkers, identity thieves, and child predators, all trying to be as anonymous and inconspicuous as possible. It is precisely because of their inexperience that children become the best targets for these people.

What Do You Do To Protect Your Child From Themself and Their Phone?

With the way mobile communications technology has improved in the past decade, it is no surprise that mobile phones are now the most popular devices in the world. They are small, portable, and can be anything from a watch to a camera to a computer. It is this very versatility that makes mobile phones the dangers that they are. Here are the reasons why:

  • Mobile phones make it easy for stalkers, pedophiles and child predators to target your kid. There are times when children take inappropriate photos and these photos may be inadvertently, or deliberately but stupidly, sent to an online location. Once the photos are out of the phone, they are no longer under the control of the phone user and are fair game for anyone on the web. The same thing is true for information. Any information that is posted in public online forums such as social media, is there for the taking if anyone will take enough time to get it. These can be weapons in the hands of an unscrupulous person who knows what they are doing.
  • Because mobile phones allow users to communicate using text and the internet, almost anyone will be able to communicate with your kid. Plus, anyone can be anonymous when they use this medium to communicate with another person. They can use this ability to masquerade as someone else to dupe your kid into almost anything, even meeting up with them. This can happen to almost anybody but the common target by child predators are teenage kids between 13 and 15 years old. They may pose as a teenage boy of the same age, or slightly older, and gain the target’s trust over time. They then request to meet their target somewhere where there are few people. This is how many kids, as many as 1300 in a day, are reported missing, with the vast majority not ever returning home.
  • Phones can contain addictive apps, like social media apps, and games that may keep your child awake well past their bedtime. Research suggests that more than 80% of kids between 11 and 17 years old do not get the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep a day. This may lead to several complications, including not being healthy enough to excel in school. 

How Cell Phone Parental Monitoring Apps Can Help Protect Kids

With the potential of mobile phones to be a bane to children, it is truly fortunate that there are reliable parental monitoring apps like Auto Forward. Top monitoring apps like Auto Forward let parents take control of the whole phone so they can properly monitor their kids and promote discipline. The app has dozens of features that can help parents track and monitor the activities of their children while on their phone. This enables them to recognize the behaviors that can endanger them or cause them to be a burden to their parents and to their community.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Some of These Features and Their Benefits

Text message monitoring is one of the most important features of this app. The app can also track the activities logged in instant messaging apps other than text messaging, like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and others. This makes it possible for parents to access the messages and other forms of communications that were sent to and from the phone. They will be able to see if their kids are engaging in inappropriate behavior like sexting, and if they initiate or are the victims of cyberbullying. This feature also lets parents recognize potential dangers such as child predators, many of whom may show signs that are only recognizable by adults. 

  1. GPS location or geolocation is another crucial feature of Auto Forward. Think of it as the bird that lets you know where your child is at all times. In this modern time, where dangers are everywhere, you wouldn’t want your child to be somewhere they shouldn’t be. Geolocation allows you to track where your child is so you can easily go to them when there is an emergency.
  2. Auto Forward will also allow parents to take a look at the phone’s browser history and see which sites their kids have visited. This can be important if their kids are visiting websites with inappropriate or violent content. Children, especially those who are well-versed in technology, may attempt to mask their activities by deleting their browser history. Unfortunately for them, it’s not going to work. Auto Forward can display deleted items on its reports, so you can still see if your kids went to a pornographic or age-inappropriate site.

There are lots of other features Auto Forward has to offer, not the least of which is the simple yet responsive interface that allows even people who are not well-versed in technology to use the app. All of these features are conveniently priced and can be yours, plus lifetime updates, for a one-time payment. Interested? Head out to right now and check out how this powerful app can be your best ally as a digital parent.