How Parental Monitoring Software For Cell Phones Can Minimize Phone Addiction

How Parental Monitoring Software For Cell Phones Can Minimize Phone Addiction

Sometimes, parents should ask themselves why they aren’t looking for a parent computer monitoring software that they can install to monitor their kids. Are your kids’ grades failing? Do they still do well at school? Are they constantly getting distracted? We live in a world dominated by smartphones, with studies suggesting that at least three million phones are being sold every day. That is at a rate of more than one billion phones sold per year, nearly the same as the number of people owning a smartphone. If that doesn’t show that today’s times are being dominated by smartphones, I don’t know what will.

Why Track Your Kid’s Cell Phone

Many of us still remember when we got our first cell phone, probably in your twenties. Nowadays, it’s common to see a five-year old grasping a mobile phone. These devices have become a reward system for being a good kid, and many times are used to pacify a rowdy or crying kid. Cell phones have become a distraction and a major source of headaches for parents of teens and pre-teens. At these ages, these devices give kids access to the internet, and allow them to communicate with their peers or complete strangers.

Society is changing and the biggest driving force for its change is technology. Everywhere you look, kids are looking at their phone deep in thought over a cat video, and are oblivious to their surroundings. It is a pandemic that continues to spread around the world. 

These Kids Are Seriously Addicted

In the U.K., studies show that 70% of children at the age of 11 and 90% by the age of 14 own a smartphone. There was a time when at that age, children would run outside and play in the park. Those times are long gone, evidenced by another study stating that worldwide, children have basic to moderate knowledge of how to run a smartphone. The study also states that these children are addicted to phones by the time they reach the age of 4. 

Scary, isn’t it? Nobody goes outside to play anymore. When they do go outside, they have their gadgets with them and still play online games and watch videos. You will rarely find a kid who isn’t staring deep into their phone screen looking like a zombie. These aren’t what we would expect from kids who should be excited to go outside and are curious about their surroundings. 

Cell phone monitoring could be the only method that parents can use at times like these. The internet and the apps that have been installed on the kids’ phones are all giving parents serious anxiety about what their children might be exposed to.

How Being Addicted To Cell Phones Affects Children

One of the most useful inventions of the 21st century is the smartphone, which made it possible to connect with just about anyone with the touch of a screen. People can send messages to the other side of the world and not wait a century for a response. They can access almost any information that they’re looking for. However, even with all the benefits that the mobile phone has given people, there is still a long list of negatives that must be acknowledged, figured out, and resolved.

– It Affects The Way Children Think

The National Institute of Health has published a study with data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development and it showed worrying results. It showed that at a screen time of over 2 hours, children manifested slower thought processes and lower language scores. Brain scans show that the cortex displayed premature thinning. The cortex is responsible for voluntary actions and thought processes. The scary thing is the thinning that should happen much much later in the life of a person happens so early due to excessive screen time.

– It Changes The Relationship Between Parent and Child

Psychology has always stated that in the early years of a human’s life, a parent’s voice, touch, and their presence is one of the most important factors that build a child’s character and emotional center. They are crucial to how children build emotional bonds and learning processes as well. With the advent of smartphones, all of these have decreased. Sometimes, all the contact between parent and child is through a screen. All of these affect how a child’s neural pathways are forged and, in turn, their learning process. The lack of personal contact has a negative impact on a child’s self-esteem and their ability to concentrate.

– It Causes Obesity

Well, this is a no-brainer. A child who doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t get active is bound to have a few issues with their health and weight. The evidence regarding the relationship between lack of physical activity and obesity has been well-documented. There’s no better example than a child sitting or laying on a couch, staring at a mobile phone’s screen for hours at a time. Without proper monitoring, these children will no doubt develop into overweight adults.

This is why we need to install monitoring apps like Auto Forward onto children’s mobile phones. Auto Forward is the best cell phone monitoring app available on the market. It can block apps at specific times of the day, which will encourage your kid to stop using their phone and try physical activity for once. It can also monitor who is trying to contact your kid through texts and calls, so you can be sure they will not fall victim to predators. Visit our website right now to learn more!