How To Monitor Text Messages On iPhone

monitor text messages on iphone

As humans, it is inherent in our psyche to abuse power, like the ability to monitor mobile phones and monitor text messages on iPhone. But the fact remains that for most of us, monitoring phones is done only because we care about a person’s well-being. For many people, the only way is to jailbreak the phone and install the software or app. But there are ways to work around this difficulty. Later on, we will discuss some of the possible methods to monitor text messages on iPhone.

Why Is Monitoring Text Messages and Internet Activities Essential?

For most, it would seem like monitoring on another person’s business is an invasion of privacy. However, there are many instances where monitoring phones through apps have saved children’s lives. Take for example the case of Billy and his daughter Mandy. He bought Mandy a phone on her 14th birthday. However, after a time, Billy began suspecting that Mandy was keeping something from him. She also began coming home late and sometimes, he would see her smiling at her phone. When she saw him looking, she would frown and face the other way, burying her nose in her phone.

Billy finally decided to do something when Mandy came home late one night and saw a needle mark on her arm. Mandy just played it off as something from an accident, but the sight of it got burned in Billy’s mind. He decided to purchase a monitoring app and installed it on Mandy’s phone. Ge began monitoring her phone’s texts, Facebook messages, social media, photos and videos. What he saw wasn’t pretty. Suffice it to say Mandy’s companion would go to jail if anybody saw the contents of the phone. It took more than two years and a lot of therapy, but Mandy managed to distance herself from her bad company. It took Billy’s courage to finally purchase a monitoring app to uncover and stop what was going on.

Children Are Particularly Vulnerable

During early childhood to their teen years, many kids are vulnerable to what they see on the internet. The danger is now compounded by the fact that almost anybody could own mobile phones and access the internet. There are dangers on there that would definitely negatively impact a child, if not properly addressed. Here are some of the dangers that children must deal with.

  • Cyberbullying

Traditional bullying has spilled over to the internet, where these bullies have become more vicious, probably due to the fact that on the internet, they are faceless and formless. Nobody would know who they are and that gives them more courage to be more spiteful than the ordinary bully. That and the fact that these bullies congregate in numbers makes it very scary for children if they should ever encounter such people. The result is a lifetime loss of self-esteem and confidence.

  • Sexual Predators and Stalkers 

These people target just about anybody who exhibits weakness, and none show more weakness than children. Children are easy targets as they are new to the internet, and don’t always know the best practices of addressing strangers online. Predators online will initiate conversation with kids online in a relaxing and comforting manner. Once they have established a connection, they will ask the child for personal information.

There are also many other bad habits that children can cultivate while on their phones like sexting, posting inappropriate social media posts/comments, and using dating apps at a young age.


Two Ways To Monitor iPhone Text Messages

  1. Utilize The Phone’s Features

One way to spy on your kid’s messages on iPhone is by using one of the features of the phone itself. You don’t need to install anything or purchase software to do the job. However, if the kid is a tech-savvy or has enough knowledge about the phone to figure it out, then you would be in a world of trouble.

For this, you will need to get your hands on the phone itself. Note that by doing this, you are placing yourself in a situation where you can potentially be caught. Next open “Settings”, then tap on “Messages”. Under that menu, go to the “Send and Receive” submenu. You will see that there is an option to “Add an email”. Add your email ID there and all received and sent text messages will also be sent to your email. 

Understand that it is your email listed there. It is not hidden and if your child should somehow find out what happened, you will lose a lot of trust that’s been built over the years. So although this is a free option, we don’t recommend that you use it.

  1. Use A Monitoring App

The other method is to purchase a reliable monitoring app from a reputable source. The one that we recommend is Auto Forward, but there are also other reliable apps that are reviewed here. Auto Forward is supported by both Android and iOS devices like iPhone and iPads. It is relatively easy to install on an iPhone, with only needing your child’s Apple ID and password. You only need to pay one time for the license, and you will have free lifetime upgrades. This and other monitoring apps give you full control over the target phone and you don’t have to worry about getting found out.

There must be no compromises when it comes to your child’s safety. Monitoring apps are a crucial part of any parent’s arsenal in the fight against people that would threaten their kid. Get the best spy app there is by purchasing Auto Forward. Go on and visit our website now and see what the app is all about.