Keeping Your Children Safe: An Introduction To Parental Monitoring Software

Keeping Your Children Safe An Introduction to Parental Monitoring Software

Predators are everywhere on the web today looking for unsuspecting kids to unleash their sick thoughts on. This has prompted many parents to use apps like parental monitoring software for iPhone. Even if there are still effective ways to lure in children, these predators are still on the lookout for more novel ways to take advantage of inexperienced youth. Many are aware that most parents do not regulate their children’s time on their phone and the internet, and they smartly take advantage of that. Children of such parents have a bigger likelihood of being victims of cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

Children Are Constantly In Danger

Most children do not comprehend the overall danger of having their presence on the internet and their phone unsupervised. They, and even sometimes teens, can get stuck in unsavory situations with really unpleasant people. And it’s really difficult for them to unhook themselves from such circumstances. However, parents can effectively control their children’s activities on social media, the web, and on the phone with parental monitoring software.

Monitoring Protects Kids From Harm

Installing monitoring and tracking software on kids’ phones, tablets, and computers is invaluable in observing and following their activities on the internet and text messages. This alone makes using such parental control apps justified and valid.

Benefits of Parental Monitoring Software

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to justify observing your children’s online activities, especially to your children. Adults understand the danger that children are being subject to while they are on their phones surfing the web or messaging other people. This is hard for children to accept and the fact that they’re being monitored. To counter that, we will discuss some of the more obvious advantages that parents, and their children, will enjoy when using monitoring apps like Auto Forward.

– It Blocks Content Unsuitable For Children

The ability to filter through your kid’s online activity in real-time is one of the best features of top parental monitoring software. Videos and photos with violent or pornographic material are automatically excluded in the approved content list. Parents have the ability to block websites that they deem undesirable and harmful to their children. Some even block websites based on their category. With this feature, children are given a secure and safe space online where they are protected 24/7.

– It Blocks Other Software That Can Be Considered Harmful

Parental control software comes in versions that are supported by almost all operating systems for computers and mobile devices. The most popular of these apps are those developed for Android phones and iPhones, since these are the two most used operating systems for cell phones. Whatever the specs of the device, once the monitoring app has been installed, parents will be able to block certain apps that they consider undesirable or harmful. Children will not be able to access and use those apps once they have been blocked. There is also an option for scheduled blocking, where you can block access to certain apps at specific times or for a certain time frame (ex: 3 hrs).

– Perfect for Observing Text and Instant Messaging

Sexual predators mostly trawl the water of the internet first, looking for gullible kids to rope into their scheme. Then, when the child has become trusting, the predator will ask for more things via messaging like inappropriate photos and contact details.

Having a tracking app installed lets you follow your child’s activity through texts and IMs, screening who they are talking to and knowing what they are talking about. You can also follow any and all messaging threads on all social media platforms that they have an account on. 

– Helps Parents Track Their Children’s Whereabouts in Real-Time

This is one of the most useful features of great parental monitoring software like Auto Forward. Auto Forward has a geolocator that can tell parents the location of their kids’ phones all the time. It is especially useful in an emergency situation when you have no other means of communication with your child and you need to find him as soon as possible. Monitoring apps with geolocators like Auto Forward have saved countless kids from harm by transmitting their precise location every time.

– Parents Can Regulate Internet Usage

This is especially useful for families with multiple users for one device. Parents can create schedules and screen time limits for computer and internet usage when their child is using it, like when they are studying and browsing Facebook. Responsible parents will only let their children use the internet at a specific time when the child has no other tasks that override their internet time. This could prove extremely valuable when it is time for kids to have their exams, or when they have a lot of homework to do.

Monitoring apps also help prevent cyberbullying and cyberstalking, two of the top ways children are being victimized online. The software will record all the interactions that the child has had with those incorrigible people. Parents will also know if there were any inappropriate exchange of files in any of their kids’ online accounts, providing them with even more guidance and an extra layer of protection against predators.

Kids are always vulnerable, especially to unscrupulous adults. Getting a premium parental monitoring software should be one of the top priorities and there are none better than Auto Forward. Take advantage of all our app’s features at a great price. Visit right now!