Make Sure Your Kids Are Secure With The Best Parental Monitoring Software For Android

Make Sure Your Kids Are Secure with The Best Parental Monitoring Software For Android

The modern parent has become too busy with trying to put food on the table and pay off bills. This causes them not to oversee their child’s device and social media use. With this, it has resulted in many young parents resolving to use parental monitoring app software. The truth is that many kids are neglected. Some may understand what’s going on, but many are spending more and more time with gadgets and devices like their smartphones or tablets. Yes, these devices may give the kids a bit of fun and some education, but many of the web’s contents are not safe for them. Even on social media like Facebook or YouTube, much of the content is not suitable for children to be exposed to.

Then there is the fact that spending too much time on mobile devices can be a detriment to your child’s health. They may lose sleep, and not get the recommended 7.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep every day can affect their function during the day. Their parents have an obligation to make sure that the children are using their phones in a responsible manner. The best way to do this is to get a monitoring app for Android devices to act as another set of eyes. As luck would have it, there is Auto Forward, the best cell phone monitoring software for devices that run Android operating systems.

Setting Up Parental Control Practices On Android Phones

Using parental controls on Android devices is a crucial part of parenting since kids spend a lot of time on their phones. A study found that 37% of parents they interviewed said that their kids are spending 1 to 2 hours on their phones every day. It also showed that another 28% of the parents divulged that their children are on their phones an average of 3 to 4 hours per day. On this data alone, one can calculate that the kids are spending around 16 to 17 hours every week on their mobile devices. This is an alarming statistic and it may have physical and mental consequences that children may regret later on in life.

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge focused on the relationship between academic performance and the amount of time a child spends on mobile devices. The study suggests that there is a negative effect on the kids’ grades if they spend too much time on phones. It showed that one hour of screen time will lead to a lowering of 9.3 points. This study shows that parents will need to be tighter with their children when it comes to using mobile phones since it can have a negative impact on their school work.

How Monitoring Apps Can Help Parents

  • Help Them Avoid Inappropriate Content

Monitoring apps with parental controls, such as Auto Forward, can be a crucial tool for the digital parent. They can limit the time spent by a child on their phone and other mobile devices. Auto Forward can also give the parents an idea of what their children are doing when surfing the web. This can help parents with formulating a plan to combat inappropriate content online. In addition, parental controls can help parents put a stop to harmful apps and games that can negatively impact their children’s physiology and psychology.

  • Limit Their Screen Time

Experts often recommend that children be limited in their screen time on phones or tablets. Having parental controls can help set the initial tone for the restrictions. It is a given that many parents do not spend enough time with their children due to demands from work, but they can still be parents by monitoring their children’s phones remotely.

  • Help Deal With A Rebellious Teen

It is a given that a child will sometimes have a rebellious streak and not follow the instructions given by his parents. They may not be so honest with all the activities that they are doing while they’re using their phones. This kind of covert behavior can be a sign that they are involved in something that they are not prepared to deal with. They may not have the experience to recognize danger when they see it.

This is the reason why Auto Forward is the top monitoring app for Android devices. It’s a crucial tool for the parent who does not have enough time for parenting, but wants to do their best to protect their kid from the harmful effects of using mobile phones. 

The Best Auto Forward Features For Parents

What features can you get when you use Auto Forward? Aside from the easy-to-use interface on its website, that almost anyone can use (yes, even without much knowledge on modern technologies) and parental controls, there are other useful features that the app offers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Complete access to the phone’s web history. This can be useful if you are in doubt about the type of websites that your kid is visiting. They may contain inappropriate content, like pornography or violence, or they may be misinforming your children, teaching them things that are not accurate or correct.
  • Access to emails, texts, and call logs. This is particularly important if you want your kid to be safe from cyberbullies and child predators. These people can harass and target your kid using these methods of communication. You can even view deleted messages or texts from private messaging apps.
  • Geolocation. An average of 2100 kids are reported missing every day. Most of these kids will never return to their parents and will become cold cases. Always know where your kid is with Auto Forward’s geolocation feature.

There are other useful features that the app can offer its user, and most of them can be used by a parent to keep his kid’s future safe and secure. Learn more by visiting right now!