Online Security For Kids: Tips On Using The Best Parental Monitoring Software

Online Security For Kids_ Tips On Using The Best Parental Monitoring Software

Parenting has changed a lot since the advent of Google, with parents now needing to use the best parental monitoring software for iPhone. Young kids are spending more and more of their time with their nose buried in their phones. The set of skills that parents need to be effective in this ever-changing world has been altered and most parents need to upgrade. They know that their children are not mature enough to deal with the dangers they are being exposed to on the internet. Even then, children often come into contact with age-inappropriate content and shady people.

Parental Monitoring: An Introduction

It isn’t safe for children to be online, even more so if they are unsupervised. Parents need to devise ways to protect their children from the hazards in the world, whether obvious or hidden. Getting monitoring software can help parents manage their children’s online presence even when they are far from their children. But parents need to understand that there are things that should be done and things that shouldn’t when using monitoring apps. Before we get to the juicy part, let’s talk about what parental monitoring is. 

Technology and Its Consequences

Technology is the center of our growth as a civilization. As time has gone on, technology has greatly evolved. Now, we have billions of computers and mobile phones being used every day. There is also the fact that most services and utilities depend on technology and digital connections for their everyday operations. In the center of it all is the internet, the driving force for all commercial processes in the world.

Parental Monitoring Software: A Short Outline

The internet may be the single greatest influence in today’s world. The way people interact with others in the real world is vastly different than how they do so online. Parents need to learn how interpersonal dynamics are in the online world so they can be better at protecting their children. Children’s social life today is mainly online, being active on social media, messaging apps, and online games. 

Parents need to acquaint themselves with the online sites and apps kids use frequently. Doing so makes them more aware of what their children are doing while they are on those platforms. Monitoring all these activities could become cumbersome, especially for parents who work long hours. 

Fortunately, technology has also blessed these parents with a thing called parental monitoring software. This tool can be used by them to observe and control their children’s internet and device use. One of the best parental apps on the market is Auto Forward. It has features that all parents need to properly monitor their children’s virtual lives. It extracts information from the target phone and displays the data on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. 

Here are a few of the features the parents will find very useful with Auto Forward:

  1. Easy download through an OTA (over-the-air) link.
  2. Supported by all Android and iPhone mobile units.
  3. Access text messages and even show the deleted ones.
  4. Display call, video, and photos.
  5. Displays website visits, social media posts and threads, phone contacts, and instant messaging threads.
  6. Geolocation using GPS satellites.

Important Things To Remember When Using The Best Parental Monitoring Software:

Make your child aware of your intention to install the software – It is quite difficult for kids to understand the real reason why their parents would want to install a monitoring app on their mobile phone. They might think that it is a way to rob them of their freedoms. You need to let them know that the monitoring software is not about control, but about their safety and well-being. Parents have to let them understand that there are dangers online, and the best way to combat them is to monitor their internet and phone use. Today’s kids are more in tune with the new advances in technology than the previous generation, and getting them to accept the monitoring app is through a positive approach. Being honest and convincing them that what you are doing is for their security is the right step toward their acceptance.

Don’t let them undermine your authority – The one thing a parent should never do is to let their children set the rules on anything they want. It is positive parenting when you let your kid voice out their opinions about things, but you have to let them know that not every decision goes their way. Establish boundaries and be firm in your decision to install and use the monitoring app. 

Discuss internet and mobile phone safety with them – This could actually lay down the roots for your child developing into a responsible adult. Tell them about the dangers and hazards of interacting with other people over the internet and over the phone.They will remember the lessons that for the rest of their life. It’s not enough to just start monitoring your child’s phone, you need them to understand why you do it and that your reason is a valid one. 

Since its inception, Auto Forward has been helping parents keep their children safe while they are interacting with others on their phone. Use our software and see how much easier it is to monitor your kid’s phone. Visit our website and try our app right now!