Parental Monitoring Software: Why Parents Struggle Without It

Parents today have a greater connection with their children than ever before. Sometimes it is not deemed necessary by parents to use parental monitoring software for Android and iPhone. Within the family, the hierarchy seems to be disappearing, being replaced by a structure that creates a more equal status for parents and children.

Kids’ Parents Are Their Best Friends

With the level of connectivity offered by the web, it is no wonder that parents and kids lead a relationship more akin to friendship than any other. Most parents today report that their style of parenting, on a daily basis, became more like they are their children’s peers rather than parents. 

They have similar interests online and in reality that they talk about or participate in together. Let me give an example. A parent and their kid love the same Netflix show. They make it a weekly ritual to watch an episode of the series every Friday night and talk about it afterwards. 

Navigating The New Parenting Environment

There are still challenges that parents must hurdle in today’s digital age, even if the new parenting terrain. These classic challenges become even more overwhelming for the unprepared parent in the digital era. Because of the changes in the world that surrounds them, kids and parents must push through the unknown and learn how to find the correct way to face the new realities of raising kids today.

There’s plenty to learn, and parents are hard-pressed to keep their heads above water while trying to keep their kids safe without seeming overly bossy. They also need to make their kids aware of all the troubling events without making them feel compromised or afraid. And they have to filter the sheer amount of content, both bad and good, so they maintain their kids’ mental and physical health in a world where this is no longer of any importance.

The challenge of leading today’s generation of young kids through a very complex early life and childhood puts parents through the grinder as they struggle to find ways to raise well-rounded kids.

Looking Hard At The Truth

Due to the advent of the internet, content that was once the domain of “Adults Only” are now accessible to any kid with internet connection. Sensitive subjects and other adult-oriented content can be accessed through YouTube, Facebook, and other social media, and even through Google without any filters. Consequentially, this has created a situation where it is almost impossible for parents to shield their children from adult-oriented content including politics, pornography or violence. And now, because of their new role as “besties”, many of these parents are forced to be more open, transparent, and honest in their conversations with their children.

All of these are problems and issues that can weigh heavily on the parents and their sense of responsibility towards their kids. These issues – such as screen addiction, overtesting on standardized exams, online security, school violence, and bullying – expose children to a harsh reality that most are not ready to accept or understand. And now, with the rise of cultural and gender sensitivity topics, and countries being aggressive and hostile towards one another, it’s no wonder that children are becoming more confused than ever.

Parents Are Their Kids’ Digital Support Team

Parents need to find a balance between what they can and can’t teach their children. They need to discern the times when they need to be honest and transparent with their children and when they should just be quiet. 

Most kids today have their own mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and they have access to the internet. And it is the parents’ responsibility to determine which information the kid is ready for and which should be filtered out. 

There are plenty of powerful and reliable apps that can shield the children from age-inappropriate content and other dangers and issues that we have discussed above. One of the most powerful is Auto Forward, as it has many of the features that individual monitoring apps packed into one amazing package. It lets parents track which websites their kids have accessed and what their activities were on those sites or on social media. Auto Forward can also access emails, text messages and calls, perfect for keeping children away from bullies and predators targeting them. It can also track the whereabouts of the phone, and hence the child, so the parent knows where she is at all times.

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