5 Reasons Why Parents Need Parental Monitoring Software for Android and iOS

5 Reasons Why Parents Need Parental Monitoring Software for Android and iOS

It seems like every week we hear something about how Android and iOS parental monitoring software programs are being used by parents to monitor and control their children’s screen time. They’re everywhere in the news, telling us about how parental monitoring software makes parenting easier and giving parents the power to observe kids’ activities and manage their device use. It is essential that parents, monitoring software, and apps keep up with children as technology continues to change. 

Anyway, most of today’s parents are thinking about how important monitoring software programs are and whether they should invest in one. Well, look at it this way. Even just the fact that you are thinking about installing parental monitoring software means that you are ready to use the software to boost your family’s internet and phone security.

Parental Monitoring Software Is Necessary

If you surf the web, you will see a lot of different types of parental monitoring apps. These apps can manage many things on your child’s phone, including blocking certain apps, setting screen-time limits, and filtering or even blocking sites that may be harmful or inappropriate for kids. Actually, you can imagine a monitoring app as your intelligence officer, gathering information regarding your child’s activities while they are online or on the phone, and helping you keep them safe and secure.

This is not to say that mobile phones don’t have parental controls of their own. They do, but these are easily subverted and kids can still do what they want with the device. And they don’t have the features that most parents look for when they want to monitor and set limits on their children’s mobile phone use.

Not only do these apps set limits on screen time, but they are also designed to keep children safe and alert you of any dangerous or suspicious people your kids may communicate with on their phone. 

Have a look at some of the reasons why parents should think about using phone monitoring apps:

1. You can’t do it all and need support in monitoring your children’s interactions on the internet and on their phone. The internet is wonderful and is a place where information, commerce, and interpersonal connection take place. However, many parents know that the internet isn’t a safe place for kids who aren’t aware of the dangers they may face, like inappropriate content and predators. Even if you have talked with your children about internet safety, they are still prone to making mistakes and can make themselves very vulnerable to predators. Even if they know everything there is to know about internet safety, you and your children will still need a reliable and powerful monitoring app like Auto Forward that can help you observe your kids’ interactions.

2. You can’t monitor your kid’s activity constantly. There will be times when you will have no way to monitor your child on their phone, even when you are home. It doesn’t matter how much attention and effort you put into monitoring, there will be times when you will be unable to track your child’s phone interactions. And it is in these times when your child is at their most defenseless. Monitoring apps can act as your second set of eyes and are especially useful for parents with multiple children whom they can’t monitor every time.

3. Keeping them safe from online malware and viruses. This is a big concern for many families, especially those with younger children. Small children have a bigger possibility of accidentally coming across viruses and malware while they are surfing the web. They may see a warning flash through the screen, but not being able to understand it, they will just click through. With parental monitoring, you can filter through sites that contain malware or aren’t secure, keeping your devices from getting attacked.

4. Your child may learn how to work around the restrictions you impose. This is especially true for older kids and teens who may develop a knack for technology and circumvent all the systems you set up. However, with monitoring apps, you won’t have to worry about your kid breaking through the restrictions imposed by the software. 

5. Your individual schedule makes it extremely difficult for you to regularly check in with your children and regulate their phone usage. It is unfortunate that we don’t have the means to regularly check in with our family due to our busy schedules. Thankfully with monitoring apps, you can read the reports about what sites your kid visited while they were unsupervised. There are some apps that can send alerts in real-time so parents can do something immediately.

Whether you find monitoring apps useful because of the above mentioned reasons or you need more control over your kid’s mobile phone, it is still clear to see that there’s a great need for parents to use a powerful monitoring app. And Auto Forward is just the thing. It is full of features that would allow you to successfully monitor your kid’s phone, has an easy to use interface, and only needs one payment. Interested? Visit https://autoforward.co/ to learn more.