Survive Being A Parent: Using Parental Phone Monitoring Software

Survive Being A Parent: Using Parental Phone Monitoring Software

We are living in a world dominated by smart phones and computers. Parents often wonder how parents can observe their children’s cyber-lives. The answer: Using parent computer monitoring software free. Without proper supervision, phones can be a way for children to find a bridge to all the content found on the web, including adult videos, inappropriate photos, and violent content.

Children Pay No Attention To Rules

Most parents realize that it has become necessary to have a dependable and reliable phone monitoring app that can observe and track your child’s activities. There are rules that are enforced to keep children safe while they are on the internet. However, these rules are being ignored by the people the kids encounter on the web, the parents, or by the children themselves. This is not to say that the parents are to blame, because there are many cases where the child simply doesn’t want to be restricted in their phone use. 

What To Do With Your Kids

Kids nowadays seldom think about the fact that practicing internet safety is about them. They don’t understand the fact that there are online dangers that can spill over to their phone use and affect their friends, family, and school life. They look at rules as restrictions, and they look at their parents as jailers who want to keep them away from doing the things that they like. With that assumption, they couldn’t be farther from the truth, having taken a look at their situation with their eyes closed.

Parents Just Need To Soldier On

Parents, who have been tasked with protecting their children from harm, just have to persist and make things understandable for their kids. Here are some of the things that parents should do to help them through this process.

  1. Let the kids know what dangers they are facing on the internet when no one is checking up on their phones. They need to understand that predators, whether online or on the phone, are on a level of sneaky that they have seldom encountered. They have social media accounts that look totally real. They even have photos of kids who are their “friends” as well as other fake pictures. And when they manage to get a hold of their phone numbers, that’s when it gets really dangerous. 

Explain to kids the things that predators would do if they should get their hands on them. Warn your kid that when someone seems too keen on being friends or for personal information, then they need to be skeptical since it could be a predator. They shouldn’t trust anyone they meet on the Internet, even if they say they’re somebody they should know.

  1. As parents, one of your prerogatives is to set the policy on how mobile devices, computers, and the internet should be used. The rules need to be clear, based on sound logic and their age. When you set rules, they should encourage children to stay within the set limits of those rules, helping them stay away from predators and other dangers in the online world.

You need to be clear about their social media use. In most states, the social media minimum age is 13. Is your kid even allowed to go into social media? If they are, are they allowed to use their real name on their account? Are they allowed to place information about their school, address or birthday? You should understand, and so should your child, that this personal information can be used by predators and perverts to make it easier for them to speak to your child.

  1. Monitor how your child uses mobile devices. With social media, you should always monitor your kid’s use of it the first few months. When they are old enough and you can trust them, you can stop tracking them so closely. That’s when you can resort to using mobile phone parental monitoring apps. 

You can try out Auto Forward Spy, one of the best out there on the market. This app helps you keep an eye on your kid while they are on their phone and when you’re away from them. The app keeps a record of their social media activity, as well as all the text messages being sent and received. Auto Forward can also display the call logs, Private messaging communications, and more. This lets you know how your child behaves while online and while texting. It even gives you the numbers and messages of the people who contact her through text, giving you a way to know the identities of the people who are speaking with your kid.

Impose restrictions on app usage, and which apps can be used. One of the dangers of a child phone use is sleep deprivation. Studies have suggested that up to 80% of kids between 10 and 17 don’t get the recommended 8 to 9 hours of sleep a day. This is due to unrestricted phone use. You need to enforce some rules regarding app use, especially texting and social media apps. With Auto Forward, you can restrict their phone use to help prevent this. This could make them get more sleep and be healthier and more alert at school.

Ultimately, it is going to be the parents’ call on choosing how their kids should use their phones. With Auto Forward, that decision is going to be much easier with all the features the app has, like text and web browser monitoring and geolocation. Visit our website now and check out what Auto Forward is all about.